End of An Era Using Google Expanded Text Ads

As of the beginning of July, Google limited what can be done using Expanded Text Ads. Although Expanded Text Ads still can display, advertisers can no longer create new ads or modify existing expanded text ads. If you are not actively using Google, you may not realize the full ramifications of this change. In a … Continue reading “End of An Era Using Google Expanded Text Ads”

Revealing Google’s Performance Max

Google recently introduced their new Performance Max bidding strategy to replace the Smart Shopping campaign. Smart Shopping campaigns were introduced a few years ago and have since been touted by Google representatives as the best and easiest way to grow your sales using Google Shopping. There are few things in life that I find are … Continue reading “Revealing Google’s Performance Max”

The Great Shopify Mistake

Guess what one of the biggest mistake Shopify owners make advertising their products using Google Shopping? It is thinking that using Shopify’s free Google channel will have your products correctly running on Google Shopping and the orders will start to flow in.  Shopify, instructs you to open the proper Google accounts: Google Merchant Center and … Continue reading “The Great Shopify Mistake”

Adding The ‘Who Done It’ List To Your Negative Keywords

Here is an expert tip on a fairly simple way to save some money on your Google Paid Ads. How much ad spend you are going to reduce will depend on how much you are currently spending and how many negative keywords you currently are using, but I can tell you that it could be … Continue reading “Adding The ‘Who Done It’ List To Your Negative Keywords”

Google Campaign Optimization Scores – How You Should Manage Them

Last year Google introduced their Google Campaign Optimization Score. This score measures how well each Google Ads campaign is rated based on Google’s preferred standards. Rated between 0% and 100%, this score looks like a cut and dry number to measure how well your account is optimized. Optimization score is displayed on all active Search, … Continue reading “Google Campaign Optimization Scores – How You Should Manage Them”

Image Extensions – Making Google Search Ads Viable Again?

Google Shopping ads over the last few years have outperformed Google Search Ads in terms of profitability for the majority of my private clients. Like many of you may have done, most of my private clients have opted out of advertising using Google Search campaigns. The only exception where Search campaigns are still widely used … Continue reading “Image Extensions – Making Google Search Ads Viable Again?”

Google’s Core Web Vitals – The New Website Experience Algorithm Change

A hot topic going around right now is ‘website experience ‘or specifically good individual page experiences. But what is a good page experience and how can you measure how good of a page experience your website currently provides to its users? A good page experience (at least defined by Google) revolves around page speed (how … Continue reading “Google’s Core Web Vitals – The New Website Experience Algorithm Change”

Using ‘Special’ Holidays For Your Own Promotions

Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo. The day before that it was May 4th Star Wars Day. Last week was Arbor Day. Wow so many holidays! And you know what? These are just the “big ones”. There seems to be a ‘holiday’ for anything you may be able to think. So, do you know what your special … Continue reading “Using ‘Special’ Holidays For Your Own Promotions”

Kissing Goodbye To The Broad Match Modifier

Let us start with the basics of how Google Search ads work and then we will discuss the recent change and its importance. When advertising using paid Google Search Ads, advertisers must enter a list of keywords that they wish to trigger their Search ads. These Search ads, when clicked, will redirect users to the … Continue reading “Kissing Goodbye To The Broad Match Modifier”

Numbers Don’t Lie When It Comes To Marketing

As an eCommerce marketer you occasionally may find it a challenge keeping your focus where there is the highest opportunity for potential growth. With all the various ways that customers can find your products – email, pay-per-click, organic and direct it can be difficult to know which marketing channel to focus your efforts. More and … Continue reading “Numbers Don’t Lie When It Comes To Marketing”