Increase Your Conversions By Knowing When Your Customers Shop

We have previously discussed optimizing your bids based on how your customers shop your website (device) and where your customers shops from (location). This article will dive into the third part of the triangle – when your customers shop and optimizing bids based on that past data. One mistake many advertisers make is thinking that … Continue reading “Increase Your Conversions By Knowing When Your Customers Shop”

Using Audiences to Increase Conversions

There is a lot of trust that you need to convey to customers when making an initial sale. Does a customer trust your products? Does a customer trust your price? Does your customer trust your shipping times? Does a customer trust that your website is secure? However, for a user who has previously placed an … Continue reading “Using Audiences to Increase Conversions”

Populating Merchant Center with Proper Data

After your Merchant Center has been approved and you have completed the appropriate settings for shipping, tax, etc. it is a critical time. A time that will play a major part in determining your success using Google Shopping. It is time to create your plan for populating your product data inside Merchant Center. You will … Continue reading “Populating Merchant Center with Proper Data”

Mobile Equality – It Almost Is Never Fair, Nor Should It Be So

There are many times that things need to be equal. When you are splitting a sandwich in half for your kids that should be equal or when you are balancing your finances all that should be equal. However, how much you are bidding for your ads to appear on various devices between desktop, mobile and … Continue reading “Mobile Equality – It Almost Is Never Fair, Nor Should It Be So”

Google’s Shopping Actions – Changing The Landscape

There is no doubt that Amazon has changed the game when it comes to online Shopping. In fact, you may say Amazon has changed the game, changed the field and removed the goal post if you would like a football reference! I recall while speaking a Small Business Conference that preceded the Internet Retailer Conference … Continue reading “Google’s Shopping Actions – Changing The Landscape”

Google’s Automated Bidding Strategies

Since the 1980’s, the concept of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has been debated on its merits of either advancing society or being the eventual end of mankind. I’m not willing or ready to join that debate nor is this the proper forum to do so, but what I will discuss is Google’s semi-new automated bidding strategies. For … Continue reading “Google’s Automated Bidding Strategies”

Google Ads Editor – The Difference Between Mastering & Being Simply Proficient

How do you determine the difference between a master and simply being proficient when it comes to managing Google ads? For me, what constitutes a real master regardless of subject are these three things: knowledge; efficiency and quantity output. Sound, right? Although a proficient user can have all the knowledge on Google ads regarding how … Continue reading “Google Ads Editor – The Difference Between Mastering & Being Simply Proficient”

New Google Smart Shopping Campaigns – What You Need to Realize

Last week, I was contacted by a former private client. When last we worked together, he had been running an e-commerce health supplement business and had just sold his interest. Now, a couple of years later, he was back at it with an all new e-commerce health supplement business. He was confused and looking for … Continue reading “New Google Smart Shopping Campaigns – What You Need to Realize”

Positive Keywords – A Better Way To Control Unwanted Searches

Unwanted Searches – One of largest obstacles in achieving profitability for many advertisers using Google Shopping is the presence of unwanted keyword searches. Even profitable Shopping campaigns are not immune to wasted ad spend due to the nature of Google Shopping. With Google Shopping the advertiser does not select their keywords as they do with … Continue reading “Positive Keywords – A Better Way To Control Unwanted Searches”

Search Text Ads – Which Type Is Right for Your Business?

Google’s Search Text Ads Search text ads are Google’s original ad type. These are the text ads that appear just below the search bar and typically above the organic results. Search text ads are eligible to display based on keywords that an advertiser enters that Google matches with a user’s query using a real-time auction … Continue reading “Search Text Ads – Which Type Is Right for Your Business?”