Proper Settings – The First Step of Successful Google Advertising

Each time an advertiser creates a new campaign, the first step is to select campaign settings. Selecting a campaign’s settings needs to be done prior to adding either keywords or ads.  Although it may sound like a mundane task, proper settings are essential for a campaign to receive optimal clicks at the lowest possible costs. … Continue reading “Proper Settings – The First Step of Successful Google Advertising”

The Art of Adding Negative Keywords {updated 3/3/20}

One of the quickest and most effective ways for advertisers to optimize their Google Ads account is with the proper use of negative keywords.  A powerful optimizing tool for both Shopping and Search campaigns, negative keywords work to block unwanted search terms from triggering ads to be shown. Let’s quickly review what Google keywords are … Continue reading “The Art of Adding Negative Keywords {updated 3/3/20}”

What Is That Mysterious Dimensions Tab In Google?

Google wants its advertisers to be as successful as possible.  The more an advertiser is successful, the more marketing budget an advertiser can allocate to spend with Google.  The higher the marketing budget, the more diversified an advertiser may be willing to bid on different keyword terms. The more diversified the keywords, the more competition. … Continue reading “What Is That Mysterious Dimensions Tab In Google?”

When Advertising With Google, Where Are You Really Advertising?

So you are or have decided to start advertising using Google AdWords.  If you are like most advertisers, you think this simply means your ads will show on either the top or to the right of the page when a user does a search for one of your keywords on  But did you know … Continue reading “When Advertising With Google, Where Are You Really Advertising?”

Have A Plan When Determining Your Google’s Ad Destination

When creating ads to use advertising in the Google AdWords system, advertisers have a number of fields they must complete in order for their ads to be eligible to display.  These fields include the title/headline (limited to 25 characters), description line 1 (limited to 35 characters), description line 2 (limited to 35 characters) and the … Continue reading “Have A Plan When Determining Your Google’s Ad Destination”

When It Comes To Your Google Ads, Size Does Matter

Advertisers using Google search are (or at least should be) well aware of the character limitations that Google makes available in their search ads. If you are not, here is a recap: Title/Headline – 25 Characters. Description Line 1 – 35 Characters. Description Line 2 – 35 Characters. Display URL – 35 Characters. If an … Continue reading “When It Comes To Your Google Ads, Size Does Matter”

Enhancing Google Shopping Using Promotions {updated 3/18/20}

Google changed their Google Shopping model to a Pay Per Click model in October 2012.  Since that change, Google has been extremely focused on providing their users an effective shopping portal that allows consumers to compare prices for the same product among multiple retailers.   Google has added numerous tools that allow advertisers to more … Continue reading “Enhancing Google Shopping Using Promotions {updated 3/18/20}”

Google Remarketing – What It Is, Why Use Google

On the average, 97% of website visitors leave a website without buying.  It is a fact that most of these potential customers are gone forever! What if there was a way to reach back out to these customers easily and seamlessly?  There is through Google’s remarketing. By using Google remarketing a marketer can easily serve … Continue reading “Google Remarketing – What It Is, Why Use Google”

Top Tips To Optimize Google Shopping

A great tool for ecommerce companies currently using Google is implementing an effective Google shopping campaign.  Assuming you have already opened your Google Merchant Center account, uploaded your data feed and have linked to a Google shopping campaign inside your AdWords account, how do you optimize your rate on investment (ROI) or simply how do … Continue reading “Top Tips To Optimize Google Shopping”

Google Shopping – What It Is, How It Has Changed {updated 12/19/19}

Google Shopping is by far the largest Comparison Shopping Engine aka CSE on the Internet. CSEs are used exclusively by ecommerce advertisers, not professional services advertisers. This is because Comparison Shopping Engines allow customers to compare the same product or type of products from multiple stores simultaneously. Although there are other Comparison Shopping Engines, many of … Continue reading “Google Shopping – What It Is, How It Has Changed {updated 12/19/19}”