What Google’s Removing Right Side Text Ads Means For Advertisers

In February of this year, Google made a dramatic change to how it displays ads for search results.  They removed all right side text ads from desktop searches with the exception of PLA/Google Shopping ads.  This change reduces the number of maximum text ads on any desktop search from 11 to 7. What does this … Continue reading “What Google’s Removing Right Side Text Ads Means For Advertisers”

Individual Campaign Budgets Vs. Shared Campaign Budgets

Google allows advertisers to create daily budgets for their Campaigns thus limiting the amount of money that can be spent in a day.  This budget can either be determined for an individual Campaign or across multiple Campaigns using shared budgets.  Here we will discuss how advertisers create both individual and shared budgets and when it … Continue reading “Individual Campaign Budgets Vs. Shared Campaign Budgets”

Important Changes To AdWords When Adding Negative Keywords

Adding negative keywords to AdWords Campaigns along with adding new search terms that utilize various match types are important ways to improve a Google account’s profitability. These two issues are so essential to running a successful AdWords account that I have dedicated entire past blog posts to two different subjects. For a review of each, … Continue reading “Important Changes To AdWords When Adding Negative Keywords”

Geographically Targeting Google Campaigns

With any marketing, it is important to ensure an advertiser’s message is directed to potential customers who can use a product or service. For Google advertisers, this translates into geographically restricting ads when needed. If a Campaign is not changed from the Google default, ads will be eligible to display for users across both the … Continue reading “Geographically Targeting Google Campaigns”

Google’s Display Network

When Google originally developed their advertising platform on www.Google.com, it was cut and dry.  Advertisers created one type of ad (a text ad) that would appear when a Google user did a search that contained an advertiser’s keyword.  That type of advertising still exists and remains the most common type of Google advertising (aka Google … Continue reading “Google’s Display Network”

Reviewing Your Campaign’s Scorecard

Most seasoned AdWords marketers have a list of elements they implement when launching a new Campaign.  These elements commonly include ad extensions, negative keywords, mobile bid adjustments, etc.   However, how can a marketer ensure that they have added each element within every Campaign? The answer is by accessing the Dimensions tab and reviewing the data … Continue reading “Reviewing Your Campaign’s Scorecard”

Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns

Google Retargeting or Google Remarketing (the terms are interchangeable) is the process of using Google’s technology to advertise to customers who have already visited a website or a specific section of a website.  Generally, when an advertiser thinks of retargeting they envision those image ads for websites they have previously visited that ‘magically’ appear for a … Continue reading “Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns”

Optimizing Google Campaigns For Mobile

It is no secret that mobile has exploded. I remember when I attended the Internet Retailer conference in 2011 that the prevalent theme was not to concentrate your efforts on mobile, but instead concentrate your marketing efforts on social media especially Facebook and Twitter.  Wow were they wrong!  Although social marketing is catching up in … Continue reading “Optimizing Google Campaigns For Mobile”

Creating Effective Ad Copy In Google AdWords

Throughout previous blog posts I have touched on the subject of writing effective ad copy, however not in-depth. A well written, well placed ad is extremely vital to success when advertising in Google.  Therefore, I have dedicated this entire blog post on the subject along with some examples of great ads as well as ads … Continue reading “Creating Effective Ad Copy In Google AdWords”

Properly Using Keyword Match Types In Google Advertising

While creating a Google AdWords campaign an advertiser must enter a list of keywords for which they wish to have their ads display. As simple as that sounds, there are variances to adding keywords that will determine the number of impressions and clicks an advertiser’s campaign receives.  The type of keywords entered is a vital … Continue reading “Properly Using Keyword Match Types In Google Advertising”