Numbers Don’t Lie When It Comes To Marketing

As an eCommerce marketer you occasionally may find it a challenge keeping your focus where there is the highest opportunity for potential growth. With all the various ways that customers can find your products – email, pay-per-click, organic and direct it can be difficult to know which marketing channel to focus your efforts. More and … Continue reading “Numbers Don’t Lie When It Comes To Marketing”

My New Book – Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping – Just Released

Last week, my new and second book Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping – Revealing Profits & Strategies was released on Amazon! One question that I was immediately asked was “do you think it is wise to release your book in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?”. My answer was a resounding YES and … Continue reading “My New Book – Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping – Just Released”

Populating Merchant Center with Proper Data

After your Merchant Center has been approved and you have completed the appropriate settings for shipping, tax, etc. it is a critical time. A time that will play a major part in determining your success using Google Shopping. It is time to create your plan for populating your product data inside Merchant Center. You will … Continue reading “Populating Merchant Center with Proper Data”

Segmenting Product Data – Develop Your Plan With Custom Labels

Pretend that you are a new advertiser and have decided to start advertising using Google Shopping. You have successfully uploaded your products into Google Merchant Center and you have completed your basic settings. Google has approved all of your products and you have linked your Merchant Center account to your Google Ads account. So, you … Continue reading “Segmenting Product Data – Develop Your Plan With Custom Labels”

Measuring Conversions – Implementing Proper Tracking

Last week, I conducted a welcome call with a customer taking a trial to The Academy of Internet Marketing when she asked the question, “how can she tell where her conversions are coming from?” Although it may seem basic to those online marketers with experience, for advertisers just starting out, being able to determine how … Continue reading “Measuring Conversions – Implementing Proper Tracking”

Important Highlights from A Recent Google Account Review

A service that I offer through True Online Presence is a complete review of a company’s AdWords account. Coined the T.O.P. AdWords Assessment, this assessment includes having me spend 2-3 hours reviewing a Google Ads account structure and provide ratings on the account based on key metrics that I have found to strongly correlate with … Continue reading “Important Highlights from A Recent Google Account Review”

Touring Google’s AdWords Interface

When an advertiser initially creates a Google AdWords account the interface may look intimidating.  Google has multiple menus and sub-menus on the top, in the middle and to the left of an account interface.  It is important for an advertiser to learn what each menu controls in order to fully optimize their account and implement … Continue reading “Touring Google’s AdWords Interface”

Creating Effective Ad Copy In Google AdWords

Throughout previous blog posts I have touched on the subject of writing effective ad copy, however not in-depth. A well written, well placed ad is extremely vital to success when advertising in Google.  Therefore, I have dedicated this entire blog post on the subject along with some examples of great ads as well as ads … Continue reading “Creating Effective Ad Copy In Google AdWords”

Properly Using Keyword Match Types In Google Advertising

While creating a Google AdWords campaign an advertiser must enter a list of keywords for which they wish to have their ads display. As simple as that sounds, there are variances to adding keywords that will determine the number of impressions and clicks an advertiser’s campaign receives.  The type of keywords entered is a vital … Continue reading “Properly Using Keyword Match Types In Google Advertising”