Creating A Clear Call To Action Is Vital For Professional Services

When advertising with Google, advertisers have the ability to decide which URL that specific ads will direct users if clicked.  However, what happens once a user is directed to an advertiser’s website is vital in determining the success of an advertising campaign.

Initially, the first step is to select which page an ad should direct users.  The page that users are directed to, also called the landing page, should be highly relevant to the keywords that generated the ad being displayed and ideally even contain the keyword(s) for which the user initially searched, known as Keyword Targeting.  An advertiser’s landing page may also contain keywords on the landing page that are found in the advertiser’s ad, known as Proper Ad Targeting.  For detailed information on these types of targeting as well as other tips to ensure a landing page is relevant see my blog post – Have A Plan When Determining Your Google Ad’s Destination.

Ensuring an advertiser has a relevant landing page is just the beginning of determining if the landing page is effective.  Just as important is making sure that the landing page clearly defines what goals an advertiser wants the user to take once they arrive at a website, this is a Call To Action. A Call To Action is anything that encourages users to take a specific and immediate action.

As a rule of thumb, the Call To Action is cut and dry for ecommerce retailers. Ecommerce retailers want the user to purchase their goods.  But, what about Professional Services clients?  Professional Services are generally more concerned with lead generation.  Forms of lead generation can include contact either by phone, email or contact form; perhaps downloading a free report or subscribing to a newsletter just to name a few. However, regardless of what Call To Action a Professional Service provider wants the user to take, one thing is for certain – the advertiser should know what it is for their business!

T.O.P. AdWords Campaign Review & Ratings SystemHere are some tips when thinking about how to present advanced Call To Actions beyond that of simply contact us today link:

Call To Action Tips –

  1. Make sure the Call To Action is above the fold! This cannot be stressed enough.  An advertiser never wants a user to be forced to scroll down a page to search for the reason they have been brought to the page.
  2. Make sure the Call To Action is the prominent feature on the page. Don’t distract the users.
  3. Don’t speak in lingo or tech talk. Make sure the call to action is in plain English that a user understands and which they can relate.
  4. Consider a bribe. Everyone loves FREE! A powerful four letter word, Call To Actions such as Download a FREE Report , Contact Us for a FREE Consultation, Sign Up for a FREE Trial can be extremely effective.
  5. Add a time limit. Download A Free Report before midnight on mm/dd/yyyy.
  6. ALWAYS TEST.  As with most everything, a Call To Action is seldom perfect the first time.  Make sure you are testing alternatives and different offers in order to properly optimize.

Example –

Here is a Call To Action, implemented by a dentist, River Dentistry.  Interestingly, the page itself has contact information below the fold (not good, rule #1 above). However, a popup is immediately displayed offering a customer a 5% discount if they schedule an appointment in the next 5 minutes.  Straight from #5 above, this Call To Action does a great job of encouraging an immediate and specific Call To Action.



Summary –

Have you clearly defined what action you want users to take once they have reached your website?  Are you testing to make sure your Call To Action is compelling as possible?  These are critical questions each advertiser must ask themselves when driving paid traffic from Google.  Using Google Ads can be extremely profitable for Professional Service advertisers, but only if they have clearly defined the goals and direct users to take specific action!

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Happy Marketing!


Andy Splichal is an online marketing strategist  with more than a decade and a half of experience helping companies increase their online presence and profitable revenues.  Although this blog focuses on driving profitable traffic through Google AdWords, True Online Presence offers additional services for lead generation as well as other proven marketing strategies customized for each client.