Google’s Automated Bidding Strategies

Since the 1980’s, the concept of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has been debated on its merits of either advancing society or being the eventual end of mankind. I’m not willing or ready to join that debate nor is this the proper forum to do so, but what I will discuss is Google’s semi-new automated bidding strategies. For … Continue reading “Google’s Automated Bidding Strategies”

Restoring Bid Levels In The New Year {updated 1/6/20}

The holidays have come and gone and if you are a 4th quarter seasonal eCommerce advertiser you most likely increased bids (if not, shame on you) to capture as much traffic and sales as possible during the Q4 crush. Now that the holidays are over, your conversion rates will typically return to normal levels, yet … Continue reading “Restoring Bid Levels In The New Year {updated 1/6/20}”

Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns

Google Retargeting or Google Remarketing (the terms are interchangeable) is the process of using Google’s technology to advertise to customers who have already visited a website or a specific section of a website.  Generally, when an advertiser thinks of retargeting they envision those image ads for websites they have previously visited that ‘magically’ appear for a … Continue reading “Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns”

Strategies For Determining Bids In Google AdWords

When advertising with Google AdWords, advertisers must determine the maximum they are willing to spend each time a user clicks on one of their ads (known as the bid).  Advertisers have the option to set the same bid for all keywords within an entire campaign; optimize bids on a keyword level based on past results … Continue reading “Strategies For Determining Bids In Google AdWords”