Piling On Using Bid Adjustments With Google Shopping

In my recently released book, Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping, I dive into detail on the most effective ways to optimize product bids based on historical data. Within the book, I have dedicated different chapters to optimizing bids based on each of the following: optimizing based on mobile device; based on customer location; … Continue reading “Piling On Using Bid Adjustments With Google Shopping”

Adjusting Google Shopping Bids For Individual Products {updated 2/6/20}

Even though an individual campaign may be showing overall profitable results, if you dig into a campaign you most likely will find products that are converting well below your average cost per acquisition and some that are converting well above (the 80/20 rule). However, and this is assuming you have already segmented your Google Shopping … Continue reading “Adjusting Google Shopping Bids For Individual Products {updated 2/6/20}”

How Segmenting Google Shopping Campaigns Can Boost Profitability {updated 1/28/20}

Google Shopping has the potential to produce one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) for ecommerce retailers advertising online. For those new to online marketing, that is a good thing, in fact, perhaps the most important thing!!! A high ROI means that the money that is invested in a marketing channel is generating a … Continue reading “How Segmenting Google Shopping Campaigns Can Boost Profitability {updated 1/28/20}”

Enhancing Google Shopping Using Promotions {updated 3/18/20}

Google changed their Google Shopping model to a Pay Per Click model in October 2012.  Since that change, Google has been extremely focused on providing their users an effective shopping portal that allows consumers to compare prices for the same product among multiple retailers.   Google has added numerous tools that allow advertisers to more … Continue reading “Enhancing Google Shopping Using Promotions {updated 3/18/20}”

Top Tips To Optimize Google Shopping

A great tool for ecommerce companies currently using Google is implementing an effective Google shopping campaign.  Assuming you have already opened your Google Merchant Center account, uploaded your data feed and have linked to a Google shopping campaign inside your AdWords account, how do you optimize your rate on investment (ROI) or simply how do … Continue reading “Top Tips To Optimize Google Shopping”

Google Shopping – What It Is, How It Has Changed {updated 12/19/19}

Google Shopping is by far the largest Comparison Shopping Engine aka CSE on the Internet. CSEs are used exclusively by ecommerce advertisers, not professional services advertisers. This is because Comparison Shopping Engines allow customers to compare the same product or type of products from multiple stores simultaneously. Although there are other Comparison Shopping Engines, many of … Continue reading “Google Shopping – What It Is, How It Has Changed {updated 12/19/19}”