Wrangling Up Your Customer Lifetime Value

In paid advertising when evaluating the success of your campaigns, you typically look at key metrics such as ROAS (return on ad spend) or ROI (return on investment). These metrics are both important when calculating the success of your paid advertising although they do not provide advertisers with the full picture in terms of profitability. … Continue reading “Wrangling Up Your Customer Lifetime Value”

Resuming Paid Advertising In A Post COVID World

Over the last few weeks as areas across the country have begun to slowly reopen, many of my private clients who paused their online advertising back in March have decided to relaunch their Google Ads Campaigns. I’m excited to announce that I’m seeing preliminary results based on advertising over the last few weeks and those … Continue reading “Resuming Paid Advertising In A Post COVID World”

Google’s Automated Bidding Strategies

Since the 1980’s, the concept of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has been debated on its merits of either advancing society or being the eventual end of mankind. I’m not willing or ready to join that debate nor is this the proper forum to do so, but what I will discuss is Google’s semi-new automated bidding strategies. For … Continue reading “Google’s Automated Bidding Strategies”

Google Ads Editor – The Difference Between Mastering & Being Simply Proficient

How do you determine the difference between a master and simply being proficient when it comes to managing Google ads? For me, what constitutes a real master regardless of subject are these three things: knowledge; efficiency and quantity output. Sound, right? Although a proficient user can have all the knowledge on Google ads regarding how … Continue reading “Google Ads Editor – The Difference Between Mastering & Being Simply Proficient”

Search Text Ads – Which Type Is Right for Your Business?

Google’s Search Text Ads Search text ads are Google’s original ad type. These are the text ads that appear just below the search bar and typically above the organic results. Search text ads are eligible to display based on keywords that an advertiser enters that Google matches with a user’s query using a real-time auction … Continue reading “Search Text Ads – Which Type Is Right for Your Business?”