Resuming Paid Advertising In A Post COVID World

Over the last few weeks as areas across the country have begun to slowly reopen, many of my private clients who paused their online advertising back in March have decided to relaunch their Google Ads Campaigns. I’m excited to announce that I’m seeing preliminary results based on advertising over the last few weeks and those … Continue reading “Resuming Paid Advertising In A Post COVID World”

Important Highlights from A Recent Google Account Review

A service that I offer through True Online Presence is a complete review of a company’s AdWords account. Coined the T.O.P. AdWords Assessment, this assessment includes having me spend 2-3 hours reviewing a Google Ads account structure and provide ratings on the account based on key metrics that I have found to strongly correlate with … Continue reading “Important Highlights from A Recent Google Account Review”

Keyword Search Terms – Unlocking The Ads Puzzle {revised 4/8/20}

Regardless of which type of advertising medium you use to run your ads, one truth is essential to your success: you must be able to track response including when, where and how potential customers responded to your ad. For off-line advertising this may be a bit broader, such as which magazine or newspaper on which … Continue reading “Keyword Search Terms – Unlocking The Ads Puzzle {revised 4/8/20}”

Is Using Google Smart Shopping Campaigns Smart for Retailers?

Google has introduced a new way for advertisers to manage their Shopping campaigns aptly named ‘Smart Shopping campaign’.  However, who are Smart Shopping campaigns designed for and what advertisers would benefit from implementing “Smart” shopping campaigns opposed to Standard Shopping campaigns? So, what is Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns? Google’s promotes their Smart Shopping campaigns as … Continue reading “Is Using Google Smart Shopping Campaigns Smart for Retailers?”

A Death By A Thousand Cuts Really HURTS…

What do you think is worse? Taking a strong punch to the gut or receiving a thousand of paper cuts? Truth is that both are probably very painful in their own way.  Similarly to a poorly optimized Google Shopping Campaign.  Let me explain… When it comes to a poorly optimized Google Shopping Campaign, typically it … Continue reading “A Death By A Thousand Cuts Really HURTS…”

Important Changes To AdWords When Adding Negative Keywords

Adding negative keywords to AdWords Campaigns along with adding new search terms that utilize various match types are important ways to improve a Google account’s profitability. These two issues are so essential to running a successful AdWords account that I have dedicated entire past blog posts to two different subjects. For a review of each, … Continue reading “Important Changes To AdWords When Adding Negative Keywords”

Restoring Bid Levels In The New Year {updated 1/6/20}

The holidays have come and gone and if you are a 4th quarter seasonal eCommerce advertiser you most likely increased bids (if not, shame on you) to capture as much traffic and sales as possible during the Q4 crush. Now that the holidays are over, your conversion rates will typically return to normal levels, yet … Continue reading “Restoring Bid Levels In The New Year {updated 1/6/20}”

Geographically Targeting Google Campaigns

With any marketing, it is important to ensure an advertiser’s message is directed to potential customers who can use a product or service. For Google advertisers, this translates into geographically restricting ads when needed. If a Campaign is not changed from the Google default, ads will be eligible to display for users across both the … Continue reading “Geographically Targeting Google Campaigns”

Reviewing Your Campaign’s Scorecard

Most seasoned AdWords marketers have a list of elements they implement when launching a new Campaign.  These elements commonly include ad extensions, negative keywords, mobile bid adjustments, etc.   However, how can a marketer ensure that they have added each element within every Campaign? The answer is by accessing the Dimensions tab and reviewing the data … Continue reading “Reviewing Your Campaign’s Scorecard”

Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns

Google Retargeting or Google Remarketing (the terms are interchangeable) is the process of using Google’s technology to advertise to customers who have already visited a website or a specific section of a website.  Generally, when an advertiser thinks of retargeting they envision those image ads for websites they have previously visited that ‘magically’ appear for a … Continue reading “Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns”