Why Professional Services Should Look To Google AdWords

Professional Services I will define as any company that sells their service or expertise opposed to selling a physical product.  This includes dentists, lawyers, doctors and too many more professions to continue to name.  One thing they all have in common is that they believe they offer a service worth money to others or they … Continue reading “Why Professional Services Should Look To Google AdWords”

Holidays Are Over, Top 8 Things To Do Planning For Next Year

The decorations are still on the house and if you are like me you still have leftover turkey and eggnog in the refrigerator. For those of us in e-commerce, the last six weeks have been the busiest time of the year.  Although, it may be tempting to take a break, put your feet up and … Continue reading “Holidays Are Over, Top 8 Things To Do Planning For Next Year”

What Pay Per Click (PPC) Is

Every time a user does a search on the various search engines that include Google, Bing and Yahoo/MSN the search engine brings back a set of results that they determine is the best matches of the user’s query.  This set of results is pulled from an almost infinite database that has been compiled by search … Continue reading “What Pay Per Click (PPC) Is”

True Online Presence – Who We Are

True Online Presence is a SEM (Search Engine Management) Firm located in Pasadena, CA. We specialize in helping businesses both eCommerce as well as Professional Services increase their revenue through paid online advertising. We are a certified Google Agency Partner and proudly display the agency badge. As a Google Agency Partner, we have demonstrated consistently … Continue reading “True Online Presence – Who We Are”