Money For Nothin, Chicks For Free Just Like Google Shopping Actions

“Money For Nothing” was a smash hit from the mid-1980’s by the group Dire Straits. As the story goes, the lyrics were inspired when a member of the music group overheard the comments from a delivery driver in the back of an appliance store as he watched a MTV music video. The delivery driver’s comments … Continue reading “Money For Nothin, Chicks For Free Just Like Google Shopping Actions”

Populating Merchant Center with Proper Data

After your Merchant Center has been approved and you have completed the appropriate settings for shipping, tax, etc. it is a critical time. A time that will play a major part in determining your success using Google Shopping. It is time to create your plan for populating your product data inside Merchant Center. You will … Continue reading “Populating Merchant Center with Proper Data”

Positive Keywords – A Better Way To Control Unwanted Searches

Unwanted Searches – One of largest obstacles in achieving profitability for many advertisers using Google Shopping is the presence of unwanted keyword searches. Even profitable Shopping campaigns are not immune to wasted ad spend due to the nature of Google Shopping. With Google Shopping the advertiser does not select their keywords as they do with … Continue reading “Positive Keywords – A Better Way To Control Unwanted Searches”

Using Supplemental Feeds in Merchant Center

Most often one of the least understood pieces of advertising using Google Shopping is the continuous updating of product data to Google Merchant Center. Far too often I have found when reviewing a retailer’s Google Ads account, they setup the Merchant Center; linked it to their Google Ads account and then never or almost never … Continue reading “Using Supplemental Feeds in Merchant Center”