Google Is Getting Sneaky With Advertisers Retargeting Ad Spend

It probably is no secret to you that most visitors to your website are not going to buy. In fact, on average 97% of visitors are not going to purchase on their first visit. It has also been shown that the more times a user visits your website the more likely they are to purchase. … Continue reading “Google Is Getting Sneaky With Advertisers Retargeting Ad Spend”

Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns

Google Retargeting or Google Remarketing (the terms are interchangeable) is the process of using Google’s technology to advertise to customers who have already visited a website or a specific section of a website.  Generally, when an advertiser thinks of retargeting they envision those image ads for websites they have previously visited that ‘magically’ appear for a … Continue reading “Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns”

Google Remarketing – What It Is, Why Use Google

On the average, 97% of website visitors leave a website without buying.  It is a fact that most of these potential customers are gone forever! What if there was a way to reach back out to these customers easily and seamlessly?  There is through Google’s remarketing. By using Google remarketing a marketer can easily serve … Continue reading “Google Remarketing – What It Is, Why Use Google”