Touring Google’s AdWords Interface

When an advertiser initially creates a Google AdWords account the interface may look intimidating.  Google has multiple menus and sub-menus on the top, in the middle and to the left of an account interface.  It is important for an advertiser to learn what each menu controls in order to fully optimize their account and implement … Continue reading “Touring Google’s AdWords Interface”

Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns

Google Retargeting or Google Remarketing (the terms are interchangeable) is the process of using Google’s technology to advertise to customers who have already visited a website or a specific section of a website.  Generally, when an advertiser thinks of retargeting they envision those image ads for websites they have previously visited that ‘magically’ appear for a … Continue reading “Merging Retargeting With Search Campaigns”

A Google AdWords Campaign Should Be Like A Good Mystery Novel

When a company decides to advertise using Google, far too often novices will think that all they need to do is simply choose a few keywords and write an ad.  It is true that this approach will have an advertiser’s ads running, but it is also probably true that this approach will cost advertisers a … Continue reading “A Google AdWords Campaign Should Be Like A Good Mystery Novel”

Proper Settings – The First Step of Successful Google Advertising

Each time an advertiser creates a new campaign, the first step is to select campaign settings. Selecting a campaign’s settings needs to be done prior to adding either keywords or ads.  Although it may sound like a mundane task, proper settings are essential for a campaign to receive optimal clicks at the lowest possible costs. … Continue reading “Proper Settings – The First Step of Successful Google Advertising”

What Is That Mysterious Dimensions Tab In Google?

Google wants its advertisers to be as successful as possible.  The more an advertiser is successful, the more marketing budget an advertiser can allocate to spend with Google.  The higher the marketing budget, the more diversified an advertiser may be willing to bid on different keyword terms. The more diversified the keywords, the more competition. … Continue reading “What Is That Mysterious Dimensions Tab In Google?”