Using Supplemental Feeds in Merchant Center

Most often one of the least understood pieces of advertising using Google Shopping is the continuous updating of product data to Google Merchant Center. Far too often I have found when reviewing a retailer’s Google Ads account, they setup the Merchant Center; linked it to their Google Ads account and then never or almost never … Continue reading “Using Supplemental Feeds in Merchant Center”

The Full Story of The Academy of Internet Marketing

How It All Started​ – Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska in the Midwest, for as long as I can remember, I had wanted a career in advertising. Unfortunately for my ambition, many large advertising firms are not located in the Midwest. Well Chicago, but that is really cold in the winter, and I was trying … Continue reading “The Full Story of The Academy of Internet Marketing”

Knowing Your Priority Settings in Google Shopping

Google allows campaigns to be configured using different priority settings of low, medium or high.  By default, a campaign’s priority level is set to low; however, along with bids, priority settings, when you know how to use them, can be a powerful tool in optimizing your Google Ads campaigns. A more advanced concept, I have … Continue reading “Knowing Your Priority Settings in Google Shopping”