Using Supplemental Feeds in Merchant Center

Most often one of the least understood pieces of advertising using Google Shopping is the continuous updating of product data to Google Merchant Center. Far too often I have found when reviewing a retailer’s Google Ads account, they setup the Merchant Center; linked it to their Google Ads account and then never or almost never … Continue reading “Using Supplemental Feeds in Merchant Center”

Keyword Search Terms – Unlocking The Ads Puzzle {revised 4/8/20}

Regardless of which type of advertising medium you use to run your ads, one truth is essential to your success: you must be able to track response including when, where and how potential customers responded to your ad. For off-line advertising this may be a bit broader, such as which magazine or newspaper on which … Continue reading “Keyword Search Terms – Unlocking The Ads Puzzle {revised 4/8/20}”

Knowing Your Priority Settings in Google Shopping

Google allows campaigns to be configured using different priority settings of low, medium or high.  By default, a campaign’s priority level is set to low; however, along with bids, priority settings, when you know how to use them, can be a powerful tool in optimizing your Google Ads campaigns. A more advanced concept, I have … Continue reading “Knowing Your Priority Settings in Google Shopping”

New Changes to Google Shopping Could Cost You Big Time!

This week Google announced some new upcoming changes to Google Shopping. The announcement sounds very exciting. Google’s headline was ‘Your Shopping ads may soon be eligible to show on YouTube and Google Discover”. So, what exactly does this mean for advertisers? What it means is that starting the week of June 17th, 2019, Google advertisers … Continue reading “New Changes to Google Shopping Could Cost You Big Time!”

My STORY & One Epic FAIL

So many times I’m asked of how I ended up founding True Online Presence.  Like any origin story it is a bit personal and there are things to be learned. Let me first say before I start the story that I would not change anything because as with everything in our past it is part … Continue reading “My STORY & One Epic FAIL”

3 Ways To Move The Needle In Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Last week, I conducted a webinar titled “3 Mistakes Most Businesses Make With Google Shopping That Could Be Costing You Thousands” and temporarily posted the video replay here on my blog.  Although, the webinar recording is no longer available on my blog as I prepare a new members only area where this webinar recording and … Continue reading “3 Ways To Move The Needle In Your Google Shopping Campaigns”

Why Google’s Newest Ad Extension Provides A Competitive Advantage

A Google Search Ad contains four lines of text: a headline also known as a title (limited to 25 characters), two description lines of text (both limited to 35 characters), and a display URL. Within an ad there are a number of best -practices to make ads stand apart from the competition, which I have … Continue reading “Why Google’s Newest Ad Extension Provides A Competitive Advantage”

Why Google Advertisers Need To Know Their Quality Score

When using Google AdWords, advertisers create a set of keywords for which they want to have an ad displayed, determine the maximum they are willing to pay if someone is taken to their website for those keywords and then create ads to show for these keywords.  Within the ad copy, advertisers determine which page on … Continue reading “Why Google Advertisers Need To Know Their Quality Score”

Why Professional Services Should Look To Google AdWords

Professional Services I will define as any company that sells their service or expertise opposed to selling a physical product.  This includes dentists, lawyers, doctors and too many more professions to continue to name.  One thing they all have in common is that they believe they offer a service worth money to others or they … Continue reading “Why Professional Services Should Look To Google AdWords”

True Online Presence – Who We Are

True Online Presence is a SEM (Search Engine Management) Firm located in Pasadena, CA. We specialize in helping businesses both eCommerce as well as Professional Services increase their revenue through paid online advertising. We are a certified Google Agency Partner and proudly display the agency badge. As a Google Agency Partner, we have demonstrated consistently … Continue reading “True Online Presence – Who We Are”