Google, Vegas & Dumb Money!

Google gives advertisers a tremendous opportunity to reach millions of potential buyers and even some training on how to properly use Google if you do the research.  However, Google will take practically anyone’s money that is willing to spend it with them. In Las Vegas, this is called dumb money.  It is what makes Vegas … Continue reading “Google, Vegas & Dumb Money!”

How Segmenting Google Shopping Campaigns Can Boost Profitability {updated 1/28/20}

Google Shopping has the potential to produce one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) for ecommerce retailers advertising online. For those new to online marketing, that is a good thing, in fact, perhaps the most important thing!!! A high ROI means that the money that is invested in a marketing channel is generating a … Continue reading “How Segmenting Google Shopping Campaigns Can Boost Profitability {updated 1/28/20}”

Top Tips To Optimize Google Shopping

A great tool for ecommerce companies currently using Google is implementing an effective Google shopping campaign.  Assuming you have already opened your Google Merchant Center account, uploaded your data feed and have linked to a Google shopping campaign inside your AdWords account, how do you optimize your rate on investment (ROI) or simply how do … Continue reading “Top Tips To Optimize Google Shopping”